Permite el control de calidad de vídeo (QC) en nube (cloud). Se evita de esa forma tener que descargar los contenidos almacenados en nube al control de calidad para verificar los archivos de vídeo.

Encoding Errors, AFD detection & change, Syntax Errors, Format, Bit Rate, Quantization, Frame Rate, GOP Length/bit rate/P-frame tests, Aspect Ratio, Color Format, Buffer Analysis, File Size, Correct PID, CableLabs VoD Compliance, Number of Video and Audio Streams, Number of Audio Channels/Tracks, Video Playtime, Signal Levels, Gamut, Luminance, Chrominance, Black Frame Detection, Video Quality (Blockiness), Freeze Frame Detection, Field Order, Quantization, Cadence, Missing Frame, Audio Playtime, Peak and Minimum Levels, Audio Loss, Clipping, Silence, Mute, Test Tones, Multitrack Audio Testing, Peak Audio-level Reporting, Audio Loudness Testing per ATSC A/85 and EBU R128, PPM Audio Ballistics, Loudness Tests across Multiple Tracks, Dolby-E Guard Band Interval, Automated Audio Loudness Normalization, Closed Caption, Teletext, and DVB Subtitles: Presence and Standards Compliance, Timecode Continuity, Integrity, and Synchronization across Timecode pairs, Photosensitive Epilepsy (PSE) Testing per U.K.’s OfCom & Japan NAB specifications

Ha sido sustituido por Tektronix Aurora