Multi-standard Elementary Stream Analyzer

El  MTS4ES es el analizador de elementary stream de Tektronix para análisis en diferido de streams de audio y vídeo que soporta los siguientes codecs:

  • Vídeo: HEVC (H.265), AVC / H.264, VC-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 part 2, y H.263.
  • Audio: MPEG-2, AAC, y AC-3.
  • Subtítulos
  • Soporta diferentes contenedores, entre ellos MPEG-2 TS y MXF.
Características clave:
  • Funciona bajo Windows
  • Video, audio, and caption decode and analysis
  • Verification of the stream’s compliance with the encoding standard
  • Extraction of elementary streams from containers
  • Comprehensive stream navigation and tracking to follow all aspects of the decoding process
  • Multiple displays and overlays of Coding Unit (CU), Prediction Unit (PU), Transform Unit (TU), Macroblocks (MB)
  • Easy selection of specified CU/MB and navigation using Zoom in and out for analysis
  • Synchronized video, audio, and data views for instant cross reference
  • Wide range of frame and Coding Tree Unit (CTU), Coding Unit (CU), Prediction Unit (PU), Transform Unit (TU), macroblock statistics, syntax traces – bitstream, interpret, alerts, frame, macroblock, transform, pixel level, fidelity traces
  • Buffer analysis with graphical plots – spatial bits/MB, MV histogram, quantization, DCT frequency, MB coded frequency, intra-coding frequency
  • Video differencing and fidelity analysis
  • Bitstream editor for making changes, reanalyzing the stream, then saving
  • Exports data for detailed graphical analysis (requires Microsoft Excel®)
  • Comprehensive batch mode for automated regression testing with log reports
  • YUV decoded video output for baseband video analysis
  • Audio compression analysis
  • AV delay measurement
  • Built-in help and tutorials
  • Closed Caption syntax and compliance analysis with ability to render captions over video, save captions to standard file format (SRT, SCC MCC), and debug capabilities